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Stress-free bookkeeping for small and medium businesses

Managing the books is a cumbersome but crucial task for any business. It is often time-consuming, frustrating, increases stress and it means working late hours. But it has to be done to satisfy the governmental tax authorities. You also need to do this on a regular basis to see the accurate view of your financials so that you can get a better understanding about it. How do you make this a stress free task for you. Our online bookkeepers work with small and medium sized businesses.

Most small and medium businesses either employ part time bookkeepers or do the work themselves. Whichever way it is done, it is still a mundane task, shuffling papers, working late hours and often with a lingering doubt of missing out some important information.

You now have an excellent alternative by using our online bookkeepers. You not only save from investing in the office space, technology, people, infrastructure. You also dont have to work with the papers all the time. Moreover, using online bookkeepers brings in good practice, organizes online for a 24/7 access and manages all the receipts, invoices in easy to retriveable fashion for future reference. All this comes at a very reasonable price and it starts from just $149/month.

You can either use our fixed price service or if your requirement is large, you can hire an online bookkeeping team from us at a fraction of the cost. You dont have to worry about training, people quitting, additional overheads, management and many other issues. All that you need is a good scanner to convert your receipts to electronics document and you are set. We even help you choose a scanner and set-it up.

Benefits of using online bookkeeping service

  • Fixed priced model - From just $149/month
  • No software to buy – No updates, No renewal, No HASSLE
  • View & print your reports online – private & secure
  • Spreadsheet, PDF, backups – Easy to use format as required by you
  • Offload all your bookkeeping / accounting tasks – One less thing to worry

Our online bookkeepers work with these and many new industries get added to this list on a monthly basis. We also work with accounting firms who have clients from an array of businesses. So we have the experience of serving wide range of industries. If your industry is not listed here and if you are not sure whether we serve for your specific industry, please contact us. We will reply back to you within a day.

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