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Frequently asked questions

I run a small business. Will online bookkeeping work for me?

Online bookkeeping is tailor made for small and medium businesses. It saves you from working long hours and shuffling papers all the time. It also saves you from costs and overheads of employing your own bookkeeper.

How can I communicate with you?

There are various ways you can communicate with us. You can call, email or instant message us. For most packages you get a live instant message support with your online bookkeeper and you get instant answer to all your queries. It is as good as having your own bookkeeper.

We have a bookkeeping/accounting team already. Will your service affect the existing set-up?

In these cases we will step in to compliment your existing team. We work with many accounting firms to support their in house teams. We can work on the day to day bookkeeping and back-office tasks and free up your team to engage in more customer facing and revenue generating tasks. We can also step in during emergencies such as overstretched teams or to cover for maternity, and sick absences and so on.

We are an Accounting firm. Will you work with us? How will you resolve questions on our projects? Will you talk to our client direct?

We work with many accounting firms and we work as their back-office. We will always stay behind and never talk to any of your clients directly. Our agreements with accounting firms will clearly demonstrate this. Accounting firms can clearly benefit from our services, by using us as a dependable back-office they can grow quickly without having to invest to take on the additional work.

Can you do overnight updates to our books?

Yes. We certainly do overnight updates to your books if you have a full time dedicated staff working for you. You just need to inform us about your priorities and requirements and we will manage it accordingly.

Isn't scanning papers a difficult task? Do you offer any help setting it up?

Scanning used to be a difficult process and often time consuming in the earlier days. But, scanning technology has quickly evolved and nowadays even a desktop scanner (worth about $300) can scan about 25 pages / minute. You just need to stack up all your invoices, receipts in the scanner document feeder and it will produce a PDF document in a flash. Here are some of the popular scanners that many of clients use our scanner recommendation >>

When you sign-up with us, we will help you set up the scanner for FREE. Just give us a buzz when the scanner arrives. Our technical team will then help set it up and if you require so, will remotely connect and walk you through the entire process.

Who will have access to my online account?

This is totally up to you. Your online account will be password protected and you can authorize access to only the individuals you desire.

How should I send the information?

You can scan and upload to our secure web portal, email or fax the documents to us. You can also send the previous years' back-up files in QuickBooks, Excel or any other accounting software format. We don't really worry in what format you send as long as they are in any electronic form. You can store all your paper documents with yourself, if you need them in future.

In what format will I get back the information?

Typically we send the reports back in the simplest of formats like Spreadsheets or PDF docs. We can also send back-ups of any accounting software such as Quickbooks, Peach Tree, Simply accounting etc. It is your decision. Just let us know your preference when you sign-up and we will do accordingly.

We are a start-up and we want to start with basic package but we will do more as our business grows. Will you work with us?

Yes. That's absolutely fine with us. We work with many start-ups and one person companies. Our basic package starts from only $149/month and as your business grows you can move on to a different package.

How to start your service?

Sign-up online. You will get a confirmation email and will be set-up on our online system. As soon as you get your account, you can start sending the documents. Your designated accounting executive will connect with you to take it further.

What if I don't like your service? How to cancel your service?

In the unlikely event of you not liking our service just send us an email stating your wish. All we ask is a 30 day cancellation notice period. We will complete any partially completed work and return all your reports / documents. No questions asked.

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