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How do we ensure your data security?

When you use online bookkeeping service and use online bookkeepers, your data must be safe. As a business, the security of your data is your responsibility and you have to ensure that it is kept and handled safe at all times. We are fully aware of the critical nature of your data privacy and that is why we have taken detailed data safety measures. We guarantee 100% data security.

We guarantee your data security by using extensive security procedures. We are a US corporation and registered in UK as a limited company. So we adhere to the same data protection regulations as our clients are. We are registered for data protection with the information commissioner's office in the UK.

Here is a list of our detailed and elaborate data security measures that would ensure your 100% peace of mind.

Data security measures in office premises

  • CCTV monitoring stations in all our offices that does a 360 degree recording
  • Finger print scanner access doors to prevent entry of un-authorized personnel
  • A disaster recovery procedure in all our offices and your data is backed up in secure servers
  • 24/7 Security personnel at every entry and exit point of our offices

Data security measures in networks and systems

  • All our systems are access restricted by multiple levels of password protection
  • Online data transfer system uses 256-bit encryption technology similar to ones used by online banking industry
  • Our high security servers are managed from USA data centers
  • Activity monitoring software is installed in all our computers
  • No printers, USB based pen devices and DVD/CD drives on the work floor

Data security measure with our bookkeepers

  • NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) signed by every staff member
  • Independent screening of every bookkeeper before employment
  • Extensive data confidentiality training

When you are using our online bookkeeping service, you are dealing with a company that cares about the data security just as you do. You are not dealing with unknown foreign company or work from home individuals.

Your data and information is 100% safe when you use our online bookkeeping service.

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