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Why online bookkeeping service

Reason 1:
When you do not want to spend your valuable time doing bookkeeping

Reason 2:
When you do not want to hire an in house bookkeeper

Reason 3:
When you do not want to pay high accountant fees for bookkeeping

Reason 1: Do not spend valuable time doing bookkeeping

You as a business owner only have 24 hours a day. In 24 hours 8 is work, 8 is for your family and 8 hours for sleep. Many business owners end up spending their sleep time doing the tedious bookkeeping tasks. They do because their accountants charge a lot of money for simple task of bookkeeping.

Business owners had no other option other than spend their nights doing bookkeeping. Now with online bookkeeping you have a very affordable option. When you use online bookkeeping service, your books are always neat and tidy plus you get your family and sleep time back.

Reason 2: Do not make mistake of hiring in house bookkeeper

Bookkeepers are a different breed to rest of the staff. Good ones demand a lot of money and bad ones are notoriously bad. It is difficult for a business owner to identify and hire a good bookkeeper. When hired they are difficult to keep hold of them for long because they are always in demand on the job market.

This is when you have to consider online bookkeeping service. When you use online bookkeeping service, you need not worry about hiring and retaining a good bookkeeper. Using an online bookkeeper you can use them temporary, part-time or full time. You get all the flexibility in the world.

Reason 3: Do not pay expensive accountant fees for bookkeeping

Accountants charge a lot of money for bookkeeping. They charge a lot simply because they do not want to do bookkeeping. It a tedious and boring task for them and they could earn more by preparing annual accounts and tax. They simply want their hands off bookkeeping and to put off the business owners they quote large bookkeeping fees.

Alternative to paying expensive accountants you could use online bookkeeping service. The price for online bookkeeping would just be about a third of what accountants would charge. When you use online bookkeeping, your books are ready for tax year end.

Use Integra online bookkeeper for...

  • Entering all your receipts and invoices
  • Verifying if you have received payments from customers
  • Checking to see if all your deposits and expenses match your bank account
  • Making payments to your suppliers
  • Following-up with your customers for payments
  • Producing accounting reports every month
  • Many more custom tasks that you want to get done

Doing all these requires a lot of time, loads of effort, truck full of patience and a great level of attention to detail. If you have all these, you can happily do it yourself. Alternatively, you can happily use our online bookkeeping service.

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