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Outsourcing for accounting firms

Finding good quality bookkeepers and accountants is often a struggle for most accounting firms. But, resource constraints exist in any business, regardless of the size. Companies who are able to better manage their resources and find good alternatives, expand and succeed. Outsourcing is now a very good alternative and used by many successful accounting firms.

How does it work?

  • We will stay behind and work on your projects
  • You focus on expanding the business, while we look after the daily tasks
  • We will accommodate any increase in your workload
  • You get a single point of contact for you in India with excellent English
  • You get the highest security and data protection for your information

Your benefits

  • Easy to set-up, Immediate start, 24 hr turnaround
  • Instant access to qualified bookkeepers / accountants
  • 60% or more cost savings, with increased quality
  • FREE On-line Portal designed for accounting firms (in your name & logo)
  • Grow your practice with no capital investment & overheads

We work with many accounting firms across the country and we have many success stories to share. Contact us today and find how we can work for you.

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