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How does online bookkeeping work?

Option-1 (Online accounting software)

  • You scan and send your information to us via drop box (or similar secure online systems)
  • You send us your online acounting software login details like QuickBooks online, Xero etc.,
  • Our online bookkeepers would update your records in your own online accounting software
  • You will have your updated books ready and available online

Option-2 (Remotely connect to your computer)

  • You scan and keep the accounts information in your own computer
  • Our online bookkeepers would remotely connect to your computer and update your books (using log me in or similar software)
  • Our online bookkeepers will work on the accounting software installed in your computer
  • You have your updated books ready in your computer

Option-3 (Work from our computer)

  • You scan and send your information to us via drop box (or similar secure online systems)
  • Our online bookkeepers would do your bookkeeping from our computers using our own accounting software
  • Our online bookkeepers will send you the bookkeeping reports and backups via email (or drop box)

You can choose from any one of the above options. Our online bookkeepers have several years experience in using all three options. We do not have a preference of one over another and is entirely up to your business circumstances. If you cannot decide, call us and we will be happy to advice you.

Your benefits of using online bookkeeping

  • You don't need to visit an accountant's office
  • You don't need to employ a bookkeeper at your office
  • Your bookkeeping is always completed on time (no backlogs)
  • You get a better process and tighter control over your books
  • You will save about 50% of your bookkeeping costs

As you can see, there are lots of benefits apart from permanently solving all your bookkeeping worries. We not only remove your worries but we also make sure that you get a wonderful bookkeeping experience. That's why we have carefully selected our bookkeepers and trained them to serve you. We serve businesses of all sizes and we would love to serve you too.

To make your choice easy, we have multiple, affordable price plans. All price plans are transparent and we offer a 30-day any time cancellation notice.

Just try it and you will love it. We look forward to hearing from you.

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